Industrial craft

We belong to that class of small and medium-sized industrial companies that is strongly rooted in Valencia, Spain ,. Our methods of interpretation of the industrial product and creation are typical of the country to which we belong. Our flexibility and ability to adapt to rapid changes allow us to be competitive in the global market and obtain worldwide recognition. We operate in a competitive market that pushes us to a constant high level that allows us to make products with a strong international appeal.

At Viveti we offer our customers a vast experience, which allows us to handle all parts of a design project.

Wood and finishes



Custom lighting

Viveti offers its know-how in the production of the best finishes that fit your project. You can also find in our technical department the best design solutions for your projects.

We prototype each new piece of furniture. When our clients provide us with their idea, design or specifications of the furniture, our specialists take care of the entire production process.

We prototype

Our solutions

Design and technical development

We offer all kinds of technical solutions in development and manufacturing for Residential & Hospitality Projects, being able to create any desired product. If you can imagine it, we can make it.

Materials and finishes

We work with all types of materials: wood, metals, galvanized, injected, resins, glass, methacrylates, fabrics, natural stone, etc. We can advise you on the most convenient materials and finishes for your project.

360º supply and procurement

We take care of supplying all the elements, articles and materials to give the final finish to your project. All is all. From the kitchenware, to the flowers, from the carpets to the personalized perfume of your space.

Packaging, transport and assembly

We offer customized services tailored to your needs, both in packaging and transport and assembly. We operate anywhere in the world with our own team of professional assemblers.

We translate your idea into a custom project. Our technicians will make your request come true.

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P.I. La Lloma

46960 Aldaia (Valencia)


Tel: +34 961510690